Saturday, July 03, 2010

To Serve and Observe

The life of a security guard
must be fascinating --
becoming intimately
acquainted with
everyone's comings
and goings,
learning who loves
to race the sun
to work every morning
and who tends to
push the snooze button
seven times too many,
who runs out for an
afternoon soy latte
every day or a "secret"
rendezvous with
Veronica or Vinny.
Some may say that
your security guard
knows you better
than you know yourself.
Rather than your own
self-justified, rose-colored
glasses, he only sees you
through the clear lens
of the revolving door.


Dkumatz said...

Like it. Well done.

Amy E. Hall said...

Thanks, Dave! I bet you'll look at the security guard "with new eyes" on Monday, huh? ;)