Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vowels and Bowels

I hate it when
you know you're
going to have to
poop soon, but not yet,
and you're on your way
to work
(or a court date
or a TV interview).
You know it's coming
soon, but you don't know
how soon.
You could be
in the middle of a
sentence in meeting
when, suddenly,
your stomach begins
to churn and
your bowels begin
to burn.

You can't always
escape to a restroom
the moment you need one.
You try to smile and
continue your interview
(or conference call
or cross examination)
with some modicum
of decorum, but
all you can think of is
All you want to do
is find a nice,
secluded stall
and let it fly.
Instead, you're stuck
in a light brown room
expected to string turds
(I mean words)
together intelligently
with a pile
(I mean smile).