Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Deserve Better Than a Half-Baked Love

It's hard to wait for the
main course when you're
hungry. Ample appetizer
choices tempt you to
fill up on tantalizing tidbits
one bite at a time.

It gets lonely dining by
yourself -- one person
at a table set for two --
as pretty as the table
might be, with glowing
votives and romantic roses.

But I want the real meal deal --
not some fill-me-up
pick-me-up. It's easier
to hail the server and
order a cocktail than
to sit and endure
abdominal rumbles,
salivatory reactions
and sensory overload.

I've had my fill of
hors d'oeuveres
in the past. I'm
ready for the
complete entree --
the whole enchilada.
I will survive the
hunger pangs and
the craving for
that which truly
nourishes -- in
anticipation of the
special order the
Head Chef
is preparing for me
by hand.

© Amy E. Hall 2007

Sunday, August 05, 2007

(Once I heard)

Once I heard
your voice,
I could breathe again.

© Amy E. Hall 2007

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Freedom Friday

for Angela and Julie

I remember our evening at
Laguna Beach -- the perfect
blend of sun and breeze,
fish and avocado on the patio,
the lively waves sneaking
up on us and our rolled-up
pant legs, happy dogs
walking their owners, the
sparkling sand drying on
our feet -- all reminders of
the vastness of the
goodness of our Father.

© Amy E. Hall 2007