Friday, July 17, 2009

Snot Lover

She seems to have a love affair
with snot. She sits at her desk all day
and sniffs up the mucus that makes
its way down the halls of her smeller;
all the while a full box of Kleenex
sits beside her just begging
to be used. It's not the only thing
begging her to blow her honker...
Does she consider it a crime to
send that substance into a tissue?
Does she feel she needs a permit
to shoot the slime out? She has a strange
allegiance to that ooey, gooey
glop. She seems, in fact, to like it.
Does she enjoy the constant
companionship it provides
throughout her work day?
Does it bring her comfort as it
coats her nasal membranes,
drips down her schnoz, and
reminds her that it's still there
with yet another "hello, again"?
Whatever the reason, she loves
her snot and, while I, for one,
believe in the right of every
adult to freely choose whom
to love, SNOT is where I draw the line.
Blow the trumpet, sister!

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