Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matters of Intake

I have a friend who devours
poems like she devours
sumptuous chocolate cake --
with a feminine fortissimo,
speedily savoring each serving.

I, on the other hand,
experience poems like I
experience creme brulee or flan --
slowly, deliberately,
careful not to overdue it,
knowing that too much
of a good thing will ruin
the power of the moment.

I do not think either way
is superior -- only that one
approach is better for
that particular partaker.

Even now I am closing
a book of poetry,
instinctively knowing
when to say "when."


Joanne Chantelau said...

Ha ha, am I that friend? : ) Great poem!!!!! Have you finished Red Bird yet?

Amy E. Hall said...

Well, indeed you are! ;) Thanks! I am nearing the end of Red Bird, but haven't finished it yet.