Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Angel

Every morning, I look
at my baby --
so soft; so sweet.
She catches a catnap
while I dress and
style my hair.
Her cuteness compels
me to stop what I'm
doing several times
during my morning
routine to come by
her side, speak
to her in gentle tones
and touch her tummy.
Her silky, black fur
is softer than any
human baby's skin.

© 2006 Amy E. Hall


Jim Byers said...

So I am reading this thinking to myself, Hmm is there somethign about Amy I don't know. Then I get to the end.

Amy E. Hall said...

Good! Then the poem is a success! Yay! :)

david said...

My Angel
that damn cat almost killed me
if it was not oven mit

Amy E. Hall said...

BEEP! Hi, Crockett! You know I'll be eternally grateful for what you did that night... ;)