Saturday, August 26, 2006

Passing Gas at Ponderosa

My little sisters and I were
eyeing the bountiful buffet
when it happened.
I tucked my head under the
overhead glass to get
closer to the cantaloupe
and grabbed a slice
with the plastic tongs.
Attempting to back up
and place the fruit
on my plate, I
bonked the back of
my noggin on the glass,
dropped the orange
melon on the floor
and cut the cheese,
all in the same instant.
Humiliated in my
preadolescent state,
I tried to slink back
to the table and
join our grandparents
unnoticed, despite
the unexpected
backside blast, as my
baby sister yelped:

© 2005 Amy E. Hall


Joanne Chantelau said...

You published it!!! I want to say "no way," but seeing that you had the courage to chronicle your most embarrassing moment in the first place, I am not surprised. = )

Amy E. Hall said...

It's all about sharing secrets! ;)